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Hey! Welcome to my home and as you can see I am trying to devote it totally to the greatest anime I have ever seen. Neon Genesis Evangelion or Shin Seiki Evangelion! What ever you choose to call it it's very unique and stands out boldly from the rest!

Well my real name is Canus ..(freaky huh). I am very new at this making a page stuff so if this page sucks.. Hey I'm still learning .. but I'm trying to get better.

My page is always going to be undergoing construction because whenever I find something that I think is cool it will most definately be posted here. That is when I have time from playing video games, working at a video games store, watching little anime other than Evangelion.

Sounds of Evangelion
Opening Theme For Evangelion
Ending Theme For Evangelion
Rei's Poem
End of Evangelion "Air" Ending theme (Thanatos "If I can't be yours") (sample)
End of Evangelion "A pure heart for you" Ending theme (Instrumental) (sample)
Death and Rebirth "Revival of Evangelion" Ending theme ("Tamashii no Refuran") (sample)

End of Evangelion Sights and Sounds

Eva Moive

I've managed to make a moive for Eva ^_^. From time to time I'll try to change it up. Click on the the pic to check it out!


This type of chat is irc and the server is Zuh. Webtv users just click here.
For computer users just click here for info on connecting to Zuh. Room "anime".

Hey! If you wanna see something on this page let me know or if it's a question about Evangelion. Talk to me!

Neon Genesis Evangelion Forever!
This site was made totally on a webtv unit with alot of care and alot of love for anime.

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